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JENNA NATION - Givin' U Up (Official Video)By N I C C project

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    nJENNA Nation - Givin' U Up (Official Video)nSong available here: Apple Music/iTunes:


    nJENNA Nation - Givin' U Up (Official Video)nSong available here: Apple Music/iTunes: with' U Up Written by JENNA NationnSong Produced by Dan BorgersnMixed by Ian BodzasinMastered by Joao CarvalhonnVideo Produced by Rubicon Pictures and MedianCoaches/dancers:nJENNA NationnChoreographer/Dancer - Claudelle Bilodeau nDancer - Marié-Ève DionnnCrew:nDirector/Editor - Lauren Guarneri nProject Leader/Art Director - Lorraine CoulternDirector of Photography/Colorist - Delphine Plante-Thibeault nAssistant Camera - Laura Vanessa Torres nGaffer - Sarah Salem nStylist/Set Dresser - Charlotte Danais nMake-up Artist/Hair Stylist - Samantha LamothenProduction Assistant - Taylor Dutton nGrip - Ricky KulpinannClass members:nRegine PaulnMagali RochenMiranda RafusenJulia BalitnMontana HobbsnKristen SaverianonKyana MondezienJodee HenrynnLocation: Dollard des ormeaux Fit Body Boot CampnSpecial thanks to Cinepool and Mtl GrandennLyrics:nnVerse 1nnI was giving you everything,nYou chose to give it all up.nYou say it was only a pleasure thing,nI guess I wasn’t good enough.nnAll I ever wanted was honestynMy trust that you had is lostnnI don’t want your apologiesnYou never were man enough.nnPrennYou think you’ve got a hold on menYou never took us seriouslynDon’t be a fool cause I’m over younI’m moving on to something newnnChorusnnI’m giving you up, shutting you outnWon’t let you take more of my timenYou’re out of luck, I’ve had enoughnIt don’t hurt to say good byenI’m calling you out, cause you’ve been aboutnPlaying games and telling liesnI’m giving you up, shutting you outnDon’t you worry I’ll be finennOu x4nnVerse 2nnKnock knocked on your door in the nightnSaid you weren’t home but you left on the lightnOut with the guys and you turned off your phonenThen hearing her voice when you said you’re alonennHad me crying wanting to break your thingsnI knew that I was better than thatnI don’t want your apologiesnYou never were man enoughnnChorusnnBridgennThought you could have all of menI won’t let you winnLet you get the best of menNothing left to give x2nnChorus x2nnN I C C project .nThe Best Artists Promoter, Distributor & Business Advertiser In Town.


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